Our project experience is extensive and diverse, encompassing everything from highly specialized gardens to broad-based land planning. Our design philosophy focuses on understanding you, the client; who you are, how you live and what you need. This will determine the direction of the design. Our job is to present you with new ideas, broaden your horizons on what the possibilities are, and increase your awareness of sustainable design principles and how they can benefit the environment.

Landscape Architectural Services:

  • Residential Landscape design
  • Boutique Commercial design
  • Land Use Planning
  • Storm Water/ Wetland mitigation
  • Highly specialized gardens
  • Permit Procurement
  • Regulatory Agency Review
  • Budget Analysis/ Value Engineering

We believe that mood, color, texture, season, light, shadow and temperature are all critical elements to consider when creating a landscape. We strive to produce creative, yet functional and pleasing landscapes that foster interaction with the environment.

Redbud Design is an advocate of the collaborative approach, working with other design professionals such as architects, engineers, interior designers, etc... as needed, to minimize the duplication of effort (and cost) and to avoid otherwise unforeseen problems.

We have a strong background in all phases of construction which provides us a unique understanding of what it takes to not only design a project but to build one as well. If the design requires, we can assist you with obtaining any necessary permits, variances, architectural review board approvals, zoning board of appeal approvals, etc. to facilitate the transition from design to construction.

Value Engineering is utilized as a method of review to develop alternatives in design and product/material selection to focus budget costs where necessary without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the design. Redbud Design Landscape Architecture can design almost anything you can imagine or desire but if a realistic budget is unachievable then the plan is of little value to the client. When designing a full-scale master plan, it is customary, for budgetary or other reasons, to prioritize or implement the project over an extended period of time.